BMEidea 2013: Competition Winners

BMEidea-Biomedical Engineering-Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Award

The BMEidea competition recognizes the best of the best in student-driven, innovative biomedical engineering design with high commercial potential and social impact. First held in 2005, winners of this annual competition are selected from some of the nation’s top biomedical engineering departments and are judged by a panel of faculty and industry representatives. Winning entries solve a clinical problem; meet technical, economic, legal, and regulatory requirements; feature novel and practical designs; and show potential for commercialization.

Prizes include cash awards of $10,000 (first prize), $5,000 (second prize), and $2,500 (third prize), and product development and commercialization resources and training.

The BMEidea awards are presented each year at the MD&M East Medical Device Trade Show and Convention.

Congratulations to our winners!


EchoSure team photo thumbnail

$10,000 First Prize Winner


The team members:
Devin Coon, 30, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Adam Lightman, 26, from Memphis, Tennessee
David Narrow, 22, from Baltimore, Maryland

Johns Hopkins University

The device:
A simple system that, for the first time, enables nurses to perform routine monitoring of patients’ vascular health at the bedside. Find out more…

AWAIR team photo thumbnail

$5,000 Second Prize Winner


The team members:
Rush Bartlett II, PhD, MBA, age 26, from Tulsa, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas
Ryan Van Wert, MD, age 33, from Toronto, Canada

Stanford University

The device:
AWAIR created the Wyshbone drug delivery catheter, which continuously applies topical anesthetic to the throat to reduce endotracheal tube discomfort. Find out more…

Gala Pump team photo thumbnail

$2,500 Third Prize Winner

Gala Pump by DS Labs

The team members:
Susan Thompson, age 28, from Baltimore, Maryland
Adriana Blazeski, age 26, from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Johns Hopkins University

The device:
A hands-free, concealable, and quiet breast pump that women can use discreetly in the presence of others. Find out more…

Honorable Mentions for Promising Technological Innovations:

  • ChitO2-Clot, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • AccuRIGHT: Device-based therapy for Resistant Hypertension, Johns Hopkins University

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