Alex Sposito - University of Maryland


November 2010

  • Hosted a 'technology bootcamp' in October, with 600 attendees.
  • Identified three teams and directed them towards submitting E-Team grant proposals.
  • Researching the development of a student venture fund.


Alex Sposito is currently studying Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland. He is also in the Hinman CEOs program, which is a living and learning program that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation.  From his studies, Alex has become increasingly passionate about emerging technology and alternative energy. He hopes to pursue this passion by starting his own social venture aimed at creating a more sustainable future. 

While at Maryland, Alex has worked part time for the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute. Here, Alex gained valuable insight into Maryland's research and development initiatives as well as what resources are available to new ventures. Over this past summer Alex has been working with Cloud Solar, a new venture developing a solar thermal pool heater.

Alex's vision:

My mission will involve aligning the various entrepreneurial communities on-campus to promote greater student and faculty collaboration in creating sustainable, technologically innovative, socially responsible ventures.