2007 Competition Winners

First Prize: $10,000
Rotavirus Vaccination via Oral Thin Film Delivery
Johns Hopkins University

The 2007 first place submission, entitled Rotavirus Vaccination via Oral Thin Film Delivery, was developed by students at Johns Hopkins University ($10,000). This team has developed a unique vaccine delivery system to take on a virus that kills 600,000 children in the developing world each year. This dry form vaccine will eliminate problems associated with refrigerating and distributing liquid form vaccines in less-developed countries.
Second Prize: $2,500
enLight: Enabling Life with Light
Stanford University
The 2007 second place submission, entitled enLight: Enabling Life with Light, was developed by students at Stanford University ($2,500). This novel treatment for Parkinson’s Disease enables the effective and reliable control of neural activity using light. The device combines gene delivery of a light-sensitive ion channel with an implantable optical stimulator to directly and specifically control the neurons affected by Parkinson’s.
Third Prize: $1,000
Bioactive Nanopatterned Grafts for Nerve Regeneration
University of California, Berkeley
The 2007 third place submission, entitled Bioactive Nanopatterned Grafts for Nerve Regeneration, was developed by students at University of California, Berkeley ($1,000). This team’s novel nanofiber graft enhances and guides nerve regeneration in people suffering from peripheral nerve injuries. The Nano Nerve Graft is a tubular graft composed entirely of nanoscale polymer fibers and loaded with bioactive molecules that provide growth cues for regenerating.

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