What makes your program a success?, Bert Swersey

Engineering students from Inventor's Studio have won the $40,000 Tech Valley Business Plan competition in 3 of the past 4 years.
Curricular Approaches-
* Start by teaching skills needed- research, problem finding, problem solving, entrepreneurial attitude, presentation, IP, drafting patents, business plan.
* Individual work plus teamwork- Learning new skills, quick prototypes, analytical modelling, reverse engineering, "smart" technology.
* Structured approach- research to find and understand an unrecognized need, criticize what exists, challenge the assumptions and compromises in present state of the art, commit to creating the "ideal" solution and show that concept is feasible- technically, affordable and unique/ patentable.
* Visits from faculty from Management School
* Visits from former students, seminar on IP.
* Support from administration
* Primarily from NCIIA Course grant
Continuation of Program-
* Ownership Agreement provides for 25% of future royalty income to School of Engineering for support of course.



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