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Complete List of Papers
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Changing How Undergraduates Think
Andrew Batta , Aaron Capizzi, Jonathon Fruchte, Ron Zuckerman, Dan Moore
Accelerating Fledgling Technology Start-ups at University of Maryland
Karen S. Thornton, Sarah Djamshidi, David F. Barbe
Developing the Entrepreneurial Culture at Drexel University
Milton Silver and William Desane
A Boot Camp Model Program Approach to Develop an Entrepreneurial Focus among Technology and Science Professionals
K. Mark Weaver, Edward J. Schoen, Dianne Dorland
Commercialization Concepts and Engineering Design
Thomas W. Mason, Frederick Berry, Dan Moore
Creating a Positive Introductory Design Experience
Nathan Delson A National Student Biomedical Engineering Portal
Christine Kurihara and Paul G. Yock, MD
Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Cincinnati
Mary Beth Privitera and Edward S. Grood
Team Creativity
Douglass J. Wilde
Creating a Center for Thinking and Meta-cognition in the Integrated Science and Technology Department at James Madison University
Eric Pappas
Using Intercollege Student Teams for Market-Pull Technology Commercialization
Elizabeth C. Kisenwether, Anthony Warren, Chintan Parekh
The University of Florida Integrated Technology Ventures (ITV) Program
R. Keith Stanfill, Erik J. Sander, William J. Rossi
Generating Economic Results: An Immersion Approach to Graduate Education in Engineering
Leslie Vincent
Gaining Practical Experience in InVenture Research at Louisiana Tech
Jon D. Pratt and Leslie K. Guice
Entrepreneurship Education in Germany: Teaching Risk Ventures in a Risk-Averse Society
Daniel Evans
Teaching Intrapreneurship at Lawrence Technological University
Greg Feierfeil and Nikhil Murdeshwar
Agile Product Development: Lessons from Industry
Clifton Kussmaul
Entrepreneurship for Engineers
Michael T. Wood, Kenneth Gadd, Donald Falkenburg
Reforming Curriculum for a Knowledge Economy:The Case of Technical Education in Singapore
Tien Hua Yim-Teo
Multidisciplinary Engineering Senior Design Program at RIT
Jaqueline Mozrall, Edward C. Hensel, Paul H. Stiebitz
Developing an Entrepreneurial Framework at Tri-State University
David R. Finley, Thomas J. Enneking, Dolores M. Tichenor
NC States Engineering Entrepreneurs Program in the Context of US Entrepreneurship Programs
Matthew W. Ohland, Sherry A. Frillman, Guili Zhang, Thomas K. Miller, III
Model-driven Design: A Sustainable Approach to Curriculum Innovation
B. Neal Harris, III and Stephen K. Laster
Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Endeavors in the Classroom: The Student Perspective
Sarah E. Rzasa, John C. Wise, Elizabeth C. Kisenwether
Forming Innovative Leaders: The Leadership Skills Certificate Program of the Bo Bo Region
Carlos Vignolo Friz, Sergio Spoerer, Claudia Arratia, Sebastian Depolo
Developing E-Team Cultures to Support Ethical Responsibility
June Ferrill
Entrepreneurial Learning (Not Teaching) And Informatics (Not Computer) Support
Scott Browne and Rich Harms
Exploring Trust, Group Satisfaction, and Performance in Geographically Dispersed and Co-Located University Technology Commercialization Teams
Kathleen Allen, Richard Bergin, Kenneth Pickar
An EKE (Essential Knowledge Elements) Based Assessment of the Interdisciplinary Materials Research Program
Christopher C. Ibeh, Oliver Hensley, Marjorie Donovan
Assessment of a Graduate Program for End-To-End Product Creation
Jonathan Weaver, Shahram Taj, Shahrooz Kamali
Supportive Culture as a Co-Producer of Successful New Business Development
Abbas Nadim
Letting Peoples Aspirations Drive Innovation and Team Collaboration
Wayne Chung
Commercialization of Senior Design Projects at Florida Tech
Carmo DCruz, Ken Ports, Muzaffar Shaikh
Innovation As Liberation: Ten Directions For Action
Carlos Vignolo Friz, Gustavo Prudencio Ulloa, Juan Pablo Zanlungo Matsuhiro
Building Cross-Campus Partnerships in Product Development and Entrepreneurship Education
Craig Silvernagel and Richard R. Schultz
Fostering Creativity and Collaboration via Cross-Functional Education
Malu Roldan, Michael Solt, Xiao Su
Developing and Utilizing Interactive Materials and Technologies for Wireless Engineering Education Through Meaningful Collaboration
Don Millard, Frederick Berry, Susan Sauer Sloan
Practical Applications as Part of Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Training: The IRL-EPICS Practicum
E. J. Coyle, S. Martin, R. J. Steuterman
Global Process Design Class: A New Paradigm for Higher Education
Mahamouda Salouhou, James C. Seferis, Lambros Georgoulis
Lessons Learned in a First Business Plan Competition at San Jos State University
Burton Dean, Asbjorn Osland, Michael Solt