Converting Coconuts into Value-Added Products to Provide Economic Development in Third World Countries

Walter Bradley, William Petty, and Jefferey S. McMullen, Baylor University

Coconuts are an abundant, renewable resource in regions of the world that are near the equator and on the coast. Coconuts, and the much larger husks in which they develop, can be processed into a variety of value-added products including coconut oil, coconut juice, coconut biodiesel, particle board, floor mats, fuel for simple cook stoves, feed for pigs and chickens, and food for human consumption. The constituents of the coconut vary dramatically during its six months of growth to maturity. In this study we are determining the capital equipment
necessary and the cash flow that can be produced when one harvests young coconuts at the third month of development versus harvesting mature coconuts at the sixth month, and getting only half as many crops per year. A business plan for economic development at the village level will be presented.

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