Grants Funded by NCIIA: Course and Program

Below are Course and Program grants funded by NCIIA in recent years. Click any link for more information about the grantees, their project and their institution.
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December 2010

Building a Productive Ecosystem
for Tech-based Social Entrepreneurship at MIT
Certificate Program in
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Commercializing Student Designed
Technologies for the Disabled
Developing a Marketing High-Technology
Products and Innovations Course
Development of Social Entrepreneurship
Capstone Project Course at Lehigh University
Energy Innovation for
Campus Carbon Neutrality
Development of a Center for Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the
CTech Incubator @ University of Bridgeport (Planning Grant)
Identifying Needs and Exploring
Solutions in Developing Regions
Environmental Entrepreneurship
The InVenture Prize: An Undergraduate
Invention Competition at Georgia Tech
Wake Forest Innovation Fellows Program Wearable Multimodal Wayfinding Techniques
for Blind and Visually Impaired People
mystartupXX: Empowering the Next Generation
of Female Technology Entrepreneurs

May 2010

Accelerating Student E-Team New Venture Creation
through the Application of Industrial Design and Structured Seed Funding
Technology Innovation for
People with Disabilities
Drexel Smart House
Student Seed Fund
Bridge Mentorship Program for
Advanced Student Companies at UMass Amherst
Creative Design for Affordability Cross-disciplinary development teams
to make students' ideas real
Developing a Cross-Disciplinary E-Team to Enhance
Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Louisiana State University (Planning Grant)
Entrepreneurship Initiative for Rural
Southeastern North Carolina (Planning Grant)
Master's Level Education
in Bioengineering Innovation
Sustainable Medical Device Innovation
for Developing Countries
Practicing Entrepreneurship: Creating
value for a technology-based invention or idea
Spark: A University-Level Initiative for Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Florida Atlantic University (Planning Grant)


Bio-architectural Design E-Teams
for Biomedical Challenges
Building a Design and Innovation Professional
Masters Degree Program at the University of Cincinnati
UW Environmental
Innovation Challenge
Creating Social Value and
Pattern-Breaking Change Through Design
Developing a Cross Discipline
E-Team Service Learning Course
Integrating Innovation and Invention
into Computer Science Project Courses
Developing a Professional Certificate Program in Innovation
and Sustainability at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Development of an Undergraduate Minor
Specialization in Sustainable Global Health Design
E-ship Engineering Entrepreneurship Innovation Development
Directive at the University of Colorado at Boulder
Enhancing Entrepreneurship Education and
Training via the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Lab
Entrepreneurial Ventures
for Journalists
Facilitating Entrepreneurship
in Lighting
Funding a "Dormcubator" at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
In Pursuit of Innovation Information, Innovation and
International Development (I3D)
Internationalizing Entrepreneurship
Education Program (IEEP)
Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship
Partnerships (REEP)
Social Entrepreneurship
Course Development
Social Entrepreneurship Program
for Technology Innovation
Technology Commercialization
in Developing Countries
Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative The Global Innovation for Village
Entrepreneurship (GIVE) Capstone
The KINDLE Student Mentoring Program The University of Minnesota Acara
Summer Institute for High Impact Businesses


A Multi-disciplinary, Multi-level
Innovation-team Course
A Proposal to Develop a Curriculum-Based Module Integrating Innovation and
Commercialization Disciplines into a New Robotics Technology Product Design Platform
Biomedical Engineering
E-Teams Without Borders
Bringing Healthcare Home The Four Directions Program Developing Design Thinking
in Multi-Disciplinary Teams
Development of a Multi-Disciplinary
New Product Development Course
Development of a Personal Water
Purification Solution in the Philippines
E-Team Workshop Series and
Phase 0 Seed Fund Program
Enabling Student Innovation in Biomedical Engineering:
Development of a Graduate Level Innovative Design Class
Enhancing Entrepreneurship Engineering
Education Program Activities at Mercer University
Global Healthcare Technologies Program Lion Launch Pad - Center for
Penn State Student Entrepreneurship
Villlage Empowerment Mercer University School of Engineering
Entrepreneurship Engineering Education Program
SVSU Social Entrepreneurship Social and
Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Technical Entrepreneurship Program:
Continued Support
Technological and Agricultural Entrepreneurship
for a Globally Sustainable Future
UR-PUCP: Collaborations for
Healthcare in Developing Countries
University of California, Davis Program
for International Energy Technologies (PIET)
Moving Clean Energy Innovations to the Market and Creating Entrepreneurial
Learning Opportunities Through Cross-Disciplinary Student Teams at Montana State University


An Entrepreneurial Approach
to Green Engineering
Beyond Design for the Environment:
Improving Products, Processes, and Actions
Capstone Course in Innovation and
Entrepreneurship at UMass Amherst
Center for Bioengineering
Innovation and Design
Creation of a Product
Development and Innovation Course
Design for Sustainability:
Technology Innovation for Competitive Advantage
Designing and Sustaining Technology
Innovation for Global Health Practice
Development of a Capstone Course
for an Emerging Entrepreneurship Program
Eco-Innovating a Better World Engineering - Liberal Arts
Entrepreneurship Seminar
Engineering Entrepreneurship
Minor with Course Clustering
Entrepreneurship: Where
Art Meets Engineering
Green Coast Labs Development Innovating from Life: Exploring Biomimicry-based
Solutions to Human Healthcare Problem
Interdisciplinary Service
Learning Entrepreneurship
Visualization in Design
and Entrepreneurial Endeavors
Invention & Innovation Via Interdisciplinary
Undergraduate Content Application
Product & Market Development
for Subsistence Marketplaces
Project Innovation Software Innovation and
Social Entrepreneurship
Sustainable Innovations for
Tomorrow's Social Entrepreneurs
Team MEDS Multidisciplinary Engineering Design Students,
Projects for Persons with Disabilities
The Four Directions:
Native American Sustainable Entrepreneurship
UCF Inventing Entrepreneurs Program Wheelchair Design
in Developing Countries
Infusing a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the
CSUN College of Engineering and Computer Science to Address Community Needs