Grants Funded by NCIIA: Advanced E-Team

Below are Advanced E-Team grants funded by NCIIA in recent years. Click any link for more information about the grantees, their project and their institution.
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December 2010

A Cell Encapsulation System
for Treating Diabetes
Antenatal Screening Kit:
Improving Maternal Health Worldwide
Green Technology for Sustainable
Poultry Vaccine Manufacturing
RxCap High Specific Strength Materials
for Ballistic Applications
Marlee Tech, Inc. Minimally Invasive Creation of Autologous Venous
Valves for the Treatment of Deep Venous Insufficiency
Minimally Invasive Device for
Harvesting Iliac Crest Bone Graft
Novel Antibacterial Coatings for
Combating Healthcare-Associated Infections
PuraCath Medical PuzzleCast Runner Pro: A Posture-monitoring Device WolfTracks mSurvey

May 2010

ABSAL Desalination Systems Aqua Port Water Transporter BioTrace BiodesignX-XI CalSolAgua Gen2 Agro IntelliWheels: The Continuously Variable
Transmission for Manually-propelled Wheelchairs
Laparo-Lineater Leveraged Freedom Chair Indian
Trial and Dissemination
Miret Surgical Mobile Information Aggregator (MIA) Relay Technology Management, Inc. infantAir


A Medical Device to Treat
Gallstone Disease
Automating Long-Range Vibrometry
Through Vision and Web Technologies
BioX-Design9 Cortical Concepts UrbanE Dairy Pasteurization for Rural Peru DayOne Response: Polytech Waterbag,
Water Treatment for Disaster Relief
DiverRx -- Preventing
Recurrent Diverticulitis
Developing and Testing a Novel Therapeutic
Game for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Fuel from the Fields GlobalResolve: Development
of the Twig Light
InSpiro Lochlorine Chlorine Producer and Doser:
Saving Lives Through Safe Water
Magnetic Ventures Medici Medical Technology Operation Simple Optimization of a Novel Device to Measure
the Intrinsic Muscles of the Hand
Orpheus Medical OsmoPure Sheba Water Filter (AYZH) Solar Ease Development of a Dynamic EUS Needle: Improving the efficacy
of endoscopic needle and noninvasive surgical procedures
Reverse Engineering Bicycles to Develop New Businesses, Products
and Increased Income for the Metalworking and Agriculture Industries in Lebialem (Cameroon)


A Dynamic-Response Sling System for the
Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence
A Novel, Robust Device to Prevent Fetal
Death During Labor & Delivery
Buzby Networks uBox Community Assessment of
Renewable Energy and Sustainability
Development of a Prosthetic Vein Valve Digital Maze Games Sproxil E-Team for Carbon
Nanotube Development
Enhanced Bio-morphic Helmet Expandable Fusion Cage Extremely-Low Frequency
Seismic Detector - ELF-SD
Greensulate (Ecovative Design) Intelligent Ground and
Structural Monitoring System
Intelligent Mobility:
Re-Cycling to Build Wheelchairs
Method to Close Laparoscopic
Fascial Trocar Sites
Plastic Microneedles
for Drug Delivery
Porous Concrete Water Filtration:
New Technology for Developing Countries
Real-Time, High-Accuracy
3D Imaging System
Removing Arsenic from Contaminated
Drinking Water in Rural Bangladesh
Solar Turbine Group SolarShade (SmarterShade) Solar Water Purification Bottles With
Dye Indicator for Developing Countries
Solar-Charged, Battery-Powered LED Lanterns to
Replace Kerosene Lamps in the Developing World
Therapeutic Systems Ultrasound-Guided Noninvasive
Measurement of Central Venous Pressure