Grants Funded by NCIIA: Sustainable Vision

Grants Funded by NCIIA: Sustainable Vision
Below are Sustainable Vision grants funded by NCIIA in recent years. Click any link for more information about the grantees, their project and their institution.
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Affordable Universal Socket
for Amputees in Third World Countries
Building on Tradition:
Indigenous Green Housing
Cycle Ventures:
The Rickshaw Bank Partnership
Enabling Effective Management
of Neonatal Jaundice in Rural India
Flexible Ad hoc Networks
for Scarce Environments
Pico-hydro Electric Power
for Isolated Villages
Improved Rural Health Care Through
Low-Cost Telecommunication in Waslala, Nicaragua
SocialLite Sustainable Venture Accelerator The Human-Powered Nebulizer
in Central America


Advanced Field and Laboratory Testing
for a Sustainable Solar Sanitation System
Affordable Solar Thermal Microgenerator Technology
for Rural Cogeneration in Southern Africa
Building A Global Network to Support Sustainable
Information and Communication Technologies Entrepreneurship in Senegal
Building a Global Sustainable
Supply Chain for Appropriate Technology
Clean Water and Energy Technology
Enterprises for Ifugao, Philippines
Engineering a Sustainable Business Model Framework for
Scalable Mobile Entrepreneurship in the Developing World
GlobalResolve: Development of a Sustainable
Gelfuel Business in Rural Ghana
High Efficiency Stove Microenterprise Low-Cost Solar/Wind Drip Irrigation
for Small Farmers in Developing Countries
Mashavu: Networked Health Solutions
for the Developing World
Sustainable Community-based Arsenic Removal Systems in Remote
Villages of Cambodia in South East Asia


Battery Certification Program for
Lead Battery Manufacturing in Vietnam
Developing Sustainable
Off-Grid Energy Systems in Rural Mali
Low-Cost Solar
Water Heater
Sustainable Technology-Based
Entrepreneurship for the Senegalese Market
GlobalResolve: Starting a GelFuel
Business in Rural Ghana
Hydraulic Hybrid Retrofits
for Developing Nations
International Partnership on Safe Water
Technology for Rural Communities in Developing Countries
Pico-Hydropower Franchising:
A Test Bed in Rural Honduras
Strengthening Manufacturing Capacity of Burmese
Metalworking Firms to Promote Sustained Development
Development of a Business Model for the Implementation
of a Sustainable Point of Use Water Filter Program in the Dominican Republic