VentureLab Online: Advice that makes all the difference

What's the one thing ongoing startups attribute to their success?

Good, sound, timely advice.

It's time for you to get yours.

VentureLab Online is NCIIA's new web-enabled venture mentoring software for colleges and universities. Now mentoring programs within higher-ed can provide inventors and innovators with a tool to find and maintain mentoring relationships with those who have more business expertise, start-up experience and/or specialized technical know-how. 

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Arizona State University uses VentureLab Online to support clients of Venture Catalyst, its entrepreneurial assistance initiative, as well as student entrepreneurs, who can self-match with mentors who are experienced technology entrepreneurs and executives.

“Venture Catalyst mentors help faculty, students and ASU-linked companies develop their venture ideas and build out their business models. VentureLab Online gives our mentors and students a powerful online platform for connecting and working together, and has allowed Venture Catalyst to administer a large mentor population serving a variety of entrepreneurship programs. We look forward to the opportunity to connect to mentors throughout the NCIIA network of partner universities.”

- Dan O’Neill, director of entrepreneurship and research initiatives at ASU SkySong.