Brian Mullen

Brian Mullen has a BS and MS from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and is in the final stages of completing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Mullen's research has focused on how to quickly transform scientific discoveries into a commercially viable, novel therapeutic device for people with mental illness and children with pervasive developmental disorders like autism. Mullen has participated in multiple NCIIA programs, including the 2005 BMEidea competition, I2V, AI2V, an E-Team grant, and presented a prototype demo at the 2009 NCIIA annual conference. Mullen has also won a Harold Grinspoon Spirit Award, placed in multiple elevator pitch competitions, and won the grand prize in the 2008 UMass Business Plan completion. As a result of the success, Brian founded Therapeutic Systems LLC, which is in the process of raising a "friends family and fools" round of investment.