Deborah Streeter

Deborah Streeter is the Bruce F. Failing, Senior Professor of Personal Enterprise in the Department of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Entrepreneurship and small business management are the focus of Streeter's research, teaching, and outreach programs. She is part of the university-wide Entrepreneurship@Cornell Program, which offers courses in entrepreneurship in almost all of Cornell's schools and colleges. Her research interests include the role of entrepreneurship and small business in economic development, with a particular focus on the effectiveness of business training and planning for start-ups. Streeter has developed eClips, a database of digital video interviews, with entrepreneurs across the country. The in-depth interviews are digitized, cut into clips by topic, and are used in a multimedia format to teach entrepreneurship and small business management. The entrepreneurs she interviewed range from early start-ups to established companies and from high-tech Internet companies to manufacturing and service firms.