Zella Jackson Hannum

Zella Jackson Hannum received her MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, MBA degree in Production Control/Operations Management, and BS degree in Mechanical Engineering all from Michigan State University. She founded her own consulting firm in 1981 specializing in small business development and new technology-based entrepreneurship. Most recently she worked as lead consultant for NAAMREI, analyzing regional requirements and needs, then devised the Technology-based Entrepreneurship Infrastructure implementation plan, designed to stimulate economic growth in the Rio South Texas region. NAAMREI is the North American Advanced Manufacturing Research and Education Initiative. This project supported the North American Technology and Innovation Alliance (NATI), one of three alliances in the NAAMREI consortium. Prior to her private consulting practice, she worked as a commercialization engineer for Dow Chemical and was the systems operations manager for IBM's General Products Division. She is currently an Industrial Engineering PhD candidate at Western Michigan University and conducting research for her sixth book.