Congratulations to student and faculty grantees!

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NCIIA funds college and university entrepreneurs and innovators who are creating new technologies and new campus programs to foster a nationwide culture of innovation. NCIIA provides $1.5 million in grants annually, with significant support from The Lemelson Foundation, accounting for the largest total grant funding of its kind for collegiate innovation in the U.S.

E-Team grants

NCIIA’s E-Team (Entrepreneurial Team) program supports the next generation of innovators striving to meet critical societal and environmental needs in the U.S. or underserved populations in developing countries worldwide.

Faculty grants
NCIIA provides grants to faculty at colleges and universities nationwide to support their efforts to ignite a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship among science and engineering students.

Impact of NCIIA funding

Since NCIIA’s founding 17 years ago, more than 180 companies have launched as a result of early stage support from NCIIA grants and training.