Stage 2 E-Teams

NCIIA defines an E-Team as a multidisciplinary group of students, faculty, and industry mentors working together to bring a technology-based invention (product or service) to market. The "E" stands for entrepreneurship.

NCIIA's E-Team Program provides early-stage support and funding for collegiate entrepreneurs working on market-based technology inventions. Grantees receive expert entrepreneurial and venture coaching and training to help realize the commercial success of their technology inventions and innovations.

Stage 2 E-Team Grantees have completed Stage 1 training and then applied to receive additional funding of up to $20,000. In addition to support for their invention, NCIIA provides intensive training to further refine business strategy and a sustainable business model. Tactical coaching from NCIIA follows the workshop, guiding the team to successful completion of new milestones.

ChallTech, LLC

Lehigh University, $20,000
A way to capture a rowers' workout data on a mobile device, synchronize it with an online website and provide an online team management system.

CheckMate: Disposable Timers For Healthcare Events

University of Wisconsin-Madison, $19,963
A color-changing, disposable sticker that lets medical personnel know when a commonly used device—IVs, wound dressings, catheters—needs to be replaced.


Brown University, $20,000
A water filtration system that reduces arsenic and heavy metals concentrations to safe levels and requires little to no maintenance for 10+ years.

Kohana: The First Discreetly Wearable Compression Breast Pump

Johns Hopkins University, $20,000
A hands-free, concealable, and quiet breast pump that women can use discreetly in the presence of others.


Case Western Reserve University, $20,000
A new autoclave, designed for rural health clinics in South Asia, which simplifies the sterilization process by giving users instructions in their native language and telling them when instruments are completely cleaned.


University of Virginia, $20,000
A minimalistic device that allows for pain-free blood sampling.

Trash 2 Cash-Energy

University of South Florida, $10,000
A catalytic process that turns an environmentally harmful byproduct of decaying garbage into fuel that could powers the fleet of garbage trucks.