Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative

Oklahoma State University, 2009 - $28,500

The grant helps expand the Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative (TEI), a university-wide accelerator model within the new School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State. The purpose is to address the challenge of having a strong intellectual foundation for entrepreneurship.

A pilot version of the TEI program, joining entrepreneurship faculty, multidisciplinary students, and faculty researchers, showed success in fall 2009 with a focus on five promising technologies. This grant will formalize and expand the TEI program by increasing the number of technologies supported each year and including more graduate students from science, engineering, and other non-business departments. A new course entitled “Technology Commercialization Laboratory” will be created in which students will focus on assessing technologies from a commercial perspective, as well as the creation of feasibility studies and business plans.


As a result of this grant, several companies have been launched or are in the process of forming their ventures: Pristine Cal, Plasma Bio, Web Edge Sensor, Oversight -- Command and Control Security, and more.