R2I Facilitators

Judith Giordan | Senior Advisor to NCIIA

Dr. Giordan has enjoyed a career as a technology and corporate executive for several Fortune 500 companies, including Vice President of Global R&D for Pepsicola and International Flavors and Fragrances, and VP R&D Henkel Corporation. She has held adjunct and visiting academic positions and is currently Professor of Practice at the University of Southern Mississippi. She is active in professional societies and organizations including the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Intangible Asset Finance Society, and the Industrial Research Institute. She is a member of the Board of Directors for startup companies, is a serial entrepreneur and is former Member of the Board of Directors both the Industrial Research Institute and the ACS. Dr. Giordan is also Managing Director – Intangible Asset Finance for Steel City Re, LLC and Vice President of Visions in Education, Inc. Dr. Giordan received her BS from Rutgers University, her PhD from the University of Maryland, and was an Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral fellow at the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

Joseph Steig | Treasurer and Manager of Venture Development
Joseph leads the Venture Well program for the NCIIA. He has twenty years experience as an advisor and CFO to entrepreneurial companies and non-profits. He also advises Long River Ventures, a regional venture capital firm, in the role of consulting CFO. He grew up in Vancouver, Canada and graduated with a BA from Hampshire College. jsteig@nciia.org