The R2I Program

1. Lens of the Market WORKSHOP

A one-day workshop for faculty, graduate students or post-docs who are developing research solutions to technical problems that they believe can have market relevance – even if they don’t know what that relevance is!

In the day-long intensive session participants work as teams to:

    • Clarify how markets are structured and relate to your research
    • Determine what aspects of their research can become inventions and innovations to address market needs
    • Define if your potential invention really is an innovation and whether it is a potential platform technology
    • Gain skills for career success regardless of your desired path 

2. R2I Translation Planning WORKSHOP

A one-day workshop for university innovators and innovation teams that need to plan a strategy for translating research into innovations that serve a market need.

In the session, participants gain the skills to:

    • Build an actionable research to innovation translation plan
    • Develop methods to monitor plan progress
    • Define and assemble the resources required for R2I success at your institution
    • Communicate the plan, opportunities, and potential challenges to ensure  stakeholders are aligned to help.


3. Get the Answers PANEL

Get the Answers is a series of half-day panel sessions for university innovators and innovation teams that need clear information on critical tool and resources supporting research translation at, and outside of, their institution.

By using a combination of in-house experts at your institution and external experts in a pre-formatted setting, topics can be tailored to need. Popular topics include:

    • IP – how it works, role of students and faculty
    • What is the Tech Transfer and Commercial Development process – how does it work, what are the rules at the institution, and how do students, post docs and faculty constructively and effectively engage in this process.


R2I participants say:

March 2009: Here's what CalTech CCI Solar team members Weihua Wang and Josh Spurgeon had to say about the R2I@CCI they attended in Cambridge, MA:

Weihua: This great training program taught us how to view our science from a “market lens”. For the first time, I started to look at my research from a different point of view and started to relate it with the concepts that I had never thought about before, such as “market segment”, “value chain”, “technology transfer”… It was kind of exciting. R2I offered us a unique opportunity to interact with experts in technology innovation and transfer and to learn the fundamentals of effective research translation and innovation. It helps me begin to set up new goals for future research.

Josh: We learned in much greater detail about intellectual property and how it works at universities. I learned what patents are good for and how university tech transfer offices can help you get one by first applying for a provisional patent before you publish, then moving on to apply for a real patent within one year.