Painless Injection Method and Device

University of Cincinnati, 2001 - $17,800

Over the next ten years, more than 73 million vaccinations will be given to children under the age of five. For most of these children, receiving an injection will be a traumatic experience due to the pain. This pain can be attributed to the size of the needle and the speed with which the medicine is injected. As a child receives additional vaccinations, they often develop a psychological aversion toward injections. Eventually, just the sight of a needle can elicit a fearful response from the child. The parents are often just as emotionally affected as their children.

The Painless Injection Device, or PID, is a revolutionary and innovative product that eliminates the trauma associated with vaccinations. With the PID, the needle is hidden from sight, its diameter is below the threshold for sensing its insertion, and the medication injection speed (one to five minutes) is below the threshold of pain. This E-Team from the University of Cincinnati believes the PID has enormous potential to positively alter the lives of millions of children and their parents.