High Specific Strength Materials for Ballistic Applications

Oklahoma State University, 2010 - $19,860

According to the United States Department of Defense, approximately 35,000 military personnel were injured in the field from 2001-2009, with 20% of these due to gunshot-related injuries. A majority of the gunshot injuries were caused by Behind Armor Blunt Trauma (BABT)—non-penetrating injuries resulting from high kinetic energy transfer. Despite great advancements in body armor technology, there is still demand from the defense sector for lighter and stronger armor materials.
This team is developing a Hybrid Composite Armor stand-alone insert that is capable of significantly reducing BABT. It is a combination of current top-of-the-line armor grade materials and an advanced alloy honeycomb collapsible layer. Preliminary tests indicate the technology could reduce BABT by 25%. This grant will help the team prepare the technology for commercialization. The team is already incorporated as MetCel LLC.