Commercializing Student Designed Technologies for the Disabled

University of Detroit Mercy, 2010 - $26,000

Despite isolated successes at University of Detroit Mercy in producing creative devices that benefit individuals with disabilities, there remains great opportunity on campus to utilize student creativity in helping the underserved in society. In particular, there is substantial unmet need for assistive technologies.

This grant will help to transform the UDM capstone process from generating isolated successes into an effective conduit for new assistive technologies to reach the marketplace. Three objectives will be accomplished through this grant: integrating healthcare professional input and control into the capstone design course; guiding students to develop products for use by the disabled populace; and encouraging and supporting students to formulate E-Teams to commercialize their designs.

By the end of the capstone course, students will have a road map to pursue commercialization of their designs, with the ultimate goals of effectively meeting the needs of disabled people and enhancing student learning.