Building a Productive Ecosystem for Tech-based Social Entrepreneurship at MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010 - $34,300

While MIT has a well-established pipeline to take traditional technology ideas from research to commercialization, no such cohesive ecosystem exists on campus for development-focused, social entrepreneurship projects. But at the same time there is a tremendous amount of student activity on campus in research and development focused on underserved communities around the world.

To help these BoP focused projects move from the lab to the market, this grant will provide funding to create several new tools, programs, and courses at MIT: developing an Expert In Residence program that provides opportunities for students to interact with visiting scholar-entrepreneurs with expertise in technology design, development, and commercialization of social enterprises; creating an easily accessible, central virtual repository for development technologies and innovations created on campus; writing social entrepreneurship case studies; mentoring via a Boston-area venture mentoring event; and a new course providing students with the practical and tangible skills and experience necessary in running successful social enterprises.