Innovostics micro-Thread

Johns Hopkins University, 2011 - $20,000

Part of the reason that malaria and bacterial pneumonia claim the lives of three million children under the age of five each year is that correctly diagnosing the diseases are difficult. Patients have several symptoms, with fever being the most prevalent; but fever is also present in dengue, typhoid, and influenza. Healthcare providers often lack the diagnostic tools to correctly determine the underlying cause of the fever, leading to misdiagnosis and over-prescription of antibiotics.

Innovostics is developing the “µ-Thread” test to solve this problem. µ-Thread is an affordable, point-of-care diagnostic tool that can distinguish between bacterial, viral and parasitic causes of acute fever in rural healthcare settings. The tool uses a novel microfluidics platform in combination with recently validated endogenous biomarkers to discriminate between pathogen types from a drop of blood.