Balde a Balde: Portable Faucet to Maximize Cleanliness While Optimizing Water Use

Art Center College of Design, 2012 - $19,500

According to a 2010 WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation report, 2 in 10 urban dwellers and 7 in 10 rural dwellers lack access to running water, with many more receiving an inconsistent water supply. Handwashing can prevent twice as many water-borne deaths as clean drinking water alone, but without running water, children skip washing their hands, or people “wash” hands in grey water, or simulate a flow of water by holding a tub in their mouth and pouring water over their hands—exposing themselves and source water to contamination.

Balde a Balde (Spanish for “Bucket to Bucket”) is a portable faucet that delivers a flow of running water from any container. The user attaches Balde a Balde to any container with a universal clip, then starts a continuous flow of water with a few squeezes of the siphon pump. Users can easily control the amount of water they need with a simple click of the on/off spout or a twist of the valve to regulate flow. Balde a Balde, estimated to cost $6, uses gravity to bring the dignity of running water to the three billion people living without taps.


A movie about the Safe Agua project (of which Balde a Balde is a part) was shortlisted for the Cannes Young Directors Award (June, 2012)

Hands In The Mist - Full Length Version - Shortlist YDA 2012 from Erik Anderson on Vimeo.

The team won a Tech Awards honor (October 2012), which recognizes innovators and entrepreneurs who make a difference around the world in education, medicine, struggling economies, and social services.