Commercialization Opportunities in Environmental Chemistry at Dominican University of California

Dominican University of California, 2012 - $29,050

This grant will provide a structured platform for Dominican University (DU) Chemistry majors and MBA students to collaborate on opportunities for research, development, and commercialization of “green chemistry”-related products. The new courses will encourage students to focus their chemistry research on sustainable solutions to environmental issues. The collaboration between science and MBA students will lead to the creation of E-Teams and business plans. The E-Teams will use the Venture Greenhouse, a DU business accelerator and incubator program, to learn how to take their projects out of the lab and into the market. An initial focal area of research for students will be the potential for biofuels derived from algae. If successful, the program will move to expand the focus to other topics in green chemistry. This program is also answering a demand from MBA students without a science background who want to engage with and gain experience working in the green sector.