Development of a Business Model for the Implementation of a Sustainable Point of Use Water Filter Program in the Dominican Republic

Saint Louis University, 2007 - $49,999

The School of Public Health at Saint Louis University is creating a sustainable model for the manufacture and distribution of point-of-use water filters in the Dominican Republic. These filters enable a household to purify its drinking water and thereby reduce illness. The team is focusing on a bucket system that allows for filtration through a ceramic filter containing activated charcoal. Similar water filters have been distributed by NGOs and student volunteers in the Dominican Republic on a small scale; this team will take the project a step further by developing a business plan to sell a minimum of 600 filters annually. The team has a three-year relationship with a local NGO, the Institute of Latin American Concerns (ILAC), and St. Louis University has been working in Latin America and the Caribbean in the prevention of diarrheal disease since 1998. The team's partnership with ILAC gives the team access to an existing network of health workers in eight communities in rural areas in the Dominican Republic.