Genesis, Inc.

University of Central Florida, 2005 - $21,000

The University of Central Florida is developing Genesis, Inc., an E-Team program that focuses on launching socially responsible ventures to solve energy usage and natural resource problems. Genesis provides student teams with the resources necessary to translate innovative ideas that focus on specific environmental issues into live corporate ventures with working product prototypes meant to make a difference in saving the world’s environment. Teams are challenged to address the technological, economic, and political barriers associated with creating environmentally focused ventures.

This program expands on the success of UCF's current E-Team course and will be offered annually. The Technology Entrepreneurship Institute (TEI) and the UCF Venture Lab will work with the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the Florida Solar Energy Center to identify a diverse pool of qualified engineering students. In turn, the College of Business will identify a pool of top graduate business students from a diverse array of business disciplines as potential E-Team candidates. Each team will consist of at least one engineering student and two business students. Diversity within each team will be ensured by faculty advisors.