Product Realization for Global Opportunities

University of Pittsburgh, 2005 - $36,300

This project supports the creation of a three-course sequence at the University of Pittsburgh in which E-Teams composed of students from the University of Pittsburgh and the University at Campinas (UNICAMP) in Sao Paolo, Brazil develop products for sustainable human development. Before the start of the sequence Pitt and UNICAMP faculty identify problem areas in sustainable development and suggest solutions; examples of potential E-Team projects include windmill-powered water pumps and durable ceramic water filters. Each team is given a $2,500 budget to take an idea from concept to prototype to business plan.

The courses span the spring, summer and fall Pitt terms, with the UNICAMP fall term overlapping Pitt's spring and summer. While these teams communicate primarily through video conferencing and the Internet, there are two visits to Brazil to interact directly with UNICAMP team members and see the setting in which the products are used.