GlobalResolve: Social Entrepreneurship Through Innovation and New Product Development

Arizona State University, 2005 - $5,000

Faculty at Arizona State University are creating two pilot projects as part of a new program at ASU called GlobalResolve, in which global teams of students and faculty address the needs of people in developing countries through product development. Via a network of universities, NGOs and industry, the two pilot projects will develop no-tech, low-tech and high-tech products, schemes and programs that will improve standard of living and quality of life.

The first project, Hope Reservation Economic Development, involves the Hopi Tribe in northern Arizona, which has unemployment of about 50%. One idea ASU will consider is installing wind turbines on Hopi land to provide power and income by selling excess power back to the grid.

The second project focuses on surgical device design and involves four ASU students, four University of Leeds students and two students from the University of Capetown, South Africa, where ASU has established relationships. The goal is the development of an inexpensive sterotactic locator frame for neurosurgery. The project begins in March 2006 and stretches into 2007, at which time GlobalReserve will be assessed and expanded.