Sustainable Innovations for Tomorrow's Social Entrepreneurs

Portland State University, 2007 - $33,200

In 2007, Portland State University and international development organization Green Empowerment (GE) partnered to offer a capstone for graduating seniors. The course provides the opportunity for independent research on international development and renewable energy. This grant supports a new program, Sustainable Innovations for Tomorrow's Social Entrepreneurs, that builds on the capstone model, developing a more intensive set of skills and business expertise, with a central emphasis on commercialization.

The program will create three new courses, Sustainability and the Built Environment, Research and Design in Appropriate Sustainable Technology, and Application of Sustainable Technologies in Developing Countries. The new courses will introduce fundamental ecological concepts, provide an understanding of global sustainability, and foster invention and innovation in appropriate technology design. Green Empowerment will provide hands on experiential learning opportunities for student teams by providing a workspace and personalized training in renewable energy and clean-water technologies. GE will also assist teams with finding funding to implement their proposals.