Innovating from Life: Exploring Biomimicry-based Solutions to Human Healthcare Problem

University of Arizona, 2007 - $33,000

InnovationSpace is an entrepreneurial, transdisciplinary program at Arizona State University. This grant supports the expansion of the InnovationSpace program by introducing biomimicry, a methodology of innovation that looks to the forms, materials, and functions of nature for clues to solving design and engineering problems. Students in the program will be introduced to biomimicry as a methodology for creating innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to healthcare problems, including adverse effects of high quantities of manufacturing on the environment; the need for innovation in a global marketplace with increased competition and dwindling resources; and the need for academic institutions to foster a sense of responsibility for society and the environment. In the curriculum, students will be placed in teams, and projects will be completed in seven distinct phases.


Watch this clip about the Everwell Innovation Space (August 2010)