Development of a Capstone Course for an Emerging Entrepreneurship Program

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, 2007 - $6,500

This grant aims to focus the elements of the emerging Interdisciplinary Invention and Entrepreneurship (IIE) Program by focusing students towards a capstone IIE learning experience, and enhancing extracurricular campus activities focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. The three main objectives are to create a capstone course in commercial product development for an interdisciplinary team of students and teachers; establish and nurture extracurricular programs to support the activities of innovators and entrepreneurs; and leverage intercollegiate curriculum to help students transform their innovative ideas into commercially viable products. Through the development of a capstone course, extracurricular activities, the promotion of student technical projects, strengthened academic and intellectual property policies, and external consultant visits and campus-wide presentations, the PI hopes to raise the profile of entrepreneurship on campus.