Technological and Agricultural Entrepreneurship for a Globally Sustainable Future

Colorado State University, 2008 - $31,500

The Colorado State team will develop a new graduate program in sustainable technology-based entrepreneurship between CSU’s engineering and agricultural science colleges. This program aims to provide a global and sustainable entrepreneurial mindset to graduate students, and provide engineering and agricultural science expertise along with rapid product realization resources to teams in the Global Social Sustainable Enterprise program.

GSSE is a program at CSU that already exists within the graduate school of business. Each year 25 students are admitted to the GSSE who form teams to build and manage sustainable enterprises in developing countries. This grant will span two semesters at the graduate level and will be cross-listed between the College of Engineering and the College of Agricultural Science. The first semester will expose students to technology entrepreneurship fundamentals in developing economies, and during this semester students will be assigned to a GSSE team to identify and implement appropriate technology or economic approaches. Second semester, interested and demonstrably effective COE and CAS students will continue with GSSE teams as Chief Technology Officer.