Incubating the Next Generation of Global Software Development Entrepreneurs

Pace University, 2006 - $35,200

In spring 2005 and 2006, students in the Capstone Software Engineering course at Pace University worked in E-Teams with students from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. Cambodian students identified project needs and acted as customers and end-users of software developed by Pace teammates. In spring 2006, the teams grew to include students from the University of Delhi (UD) in India, who worked as subcontractors on certain aspects of project development. In this way, all students learned about supply chains and international cooperation.

In spring 2007, NCIIA is supporting the extension of the capstone course to enable participating Pace and ITC students to take software products from idea to viable commercial products. Students will learn the entire software development lifecycle, along with some of the associated processes, methods, techniques and technologies. Teams will gain practical experience in applying these skills to define and understand problems, and then define, design and implement software solutions.