Development of a Cross-Disciplinary Program of Study: Entrepreneurial Leadership in Pharmacy

Drake University, 2006 - $29,000

This grant supports the development of an entrepreneurship program in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Drake University. The program will teach students about entrepreneurship at a variety of levels by: 1) providing new students with exposure to basic concepts through entrepreneurial speakers or first-year seminars; 2) offering hands-on business classes including business plan consulting projects with local entrepreneurs and a mentoring program; 3) broadening experience in the third and fourth year through the Entrepreneurial Leadership minor for advanced entrepreneurship study. Students enrolled in the minor will take upper level business classes and take part in competition and networking opportunities; 4) formal entry and 5) leadership will be integrated into the senior capstone course, Entrepreneurship 190. In the course, student teams will advance an entrepreneurial concept into a commercially viable project. In year six, students complete nine five-week rotations in pharmacy practice experience areas.