Entrepreneurship at Faith-Based Institution: Reading Group as Stepping Stone

Calvin College, 2006 - $4,550

Calvin College's long-term vision is to enhance the entrepreneurial environment on campus through the creation of an Entrepreneurial Design and Technology Center. The center will offer an entrepreneurially focused curriculum and extracurricular opportunities for students such as real-world product development experiences and collaboration with industry. Students and faculty will work together in developing and commercializing innovative products.

The grant supports the early stage planning process in the development center, enabling Calvin College faculty to define the mission and vision of the project and learn more about entrepreneurship. First, faculty from business, economics, science, art, philosophy, communication, and engineering will form a cross-disciplinary reading group to explore what entrepreneurship means within Calvin College's faith-based Christian perspective and create a vision for the center that emphasizes ethics and community service. The reading group will cover topics such as entrepreneurship basics, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship from a faith-based perspective, entrepreneurship success stories, innovation, and high-tech startups, as well as curriculum, institutional and funding development. Faculty will participate in workshops on how entrepreneurship can be integrated into coursework. In addition, faculty will attend the NCIIA conference.