Academic Partnership for Sustainable Practices in Community Development

Colorado State University, 2006 - $7,500

This grant supports the development of a partnership between three major Colorado universities as a means of sharing resources. The goal of the partnership is to better educate engineers as social entrepreneurs for sustainable community development. The main aspect of the partnership consists of two workshops and a Partnership Resource Center that will promote the development of the tri-university partnership. The first workshop, held in the spring of 2007, will focus on institutional change and innovation while the second workshop, held in 2008, will provide a means of learning about and assessing curricular and pedagogical innovations in related engineering programs. The Partnership Resource Center will serve as a virtual regional clearinghouse to bring together resources related to sustainable community development and will serve as the main information node for participants within the academic partnership. In addition, the PIs will pilot experimental distance education courses at the three institutions as a means of generating collaborative activity among students, faculty, and staff.