Information, Innovation and International Development (I3D)

University of California - Berkeley, 2009 - $36,500

This grant will create I3D, a new three-course sequence at UC–Berkeley. I3D will focus on addressing information-related problems within global development using affordable design and social entrepreneurship. Courses will be taught by faculty from the School of Information and the School of Business. The first course in the sequence will focus on background and design methods, immersing students in the fundamentals of affordable design for developing countries. Multidisciplinary E-Teams will be matched with potential projects and partners. The second course will concentrate on taking E-Teams and faculty to do fieldwork at an international site to investigate the problem they seek to address and/or observe existing pilots. The third course will allow students to receive feedback from experts and entrepreneurs who have launched successful ventures in the developing world. Students will create a business plan, including a long-term funding and revenue model and appropriate next steps.