Mussel Software

Marshall University, 2000 - $10,408

Mussel Software developed a "Mathematics Engine" for authors of mathematics-based web pages, online math courses, and other stand-alone applications. The college textbook and software market is estimated to be 5.7 billion and is rapidly growing. The team designed this Mathematics Engine as an integrated package of Java2 Class Files. Individual JCFs (such as differentiation or linear algebra) were created, tested, documented, and integrated into the Mathematics Engine. The package was generic so that the e-course and text book authors could purchase licenses to use the software, concentrating on their front-end interface rather than Java programming. Mussel Software retained resale rights, enabling sale to multiple users using the Federal Express purchase tracking software as an established business model. The team's biggest competitor is the handheld calculator used by math students. The calculator is poised for obsolescence as laptops and palm pilots increase in power and drop in price. The ability of these devices to access the Internet is the final nail in the coffin.