Rota-Ride Snowboard Binding

University of Colorado - Boulder, 2001 - $11,970

Snowboard bindings can strain riders' knees and cause long-term joint injury, ligament failure, and muscle stress. Releasing one's feet from a snowboard requires a twisting and kicking motion from the bindings of the board that puts significant pressure on the knees and feet. While on a lift, the weight of the boards hangs from riders' feet, causing further strain. Typical bindings also constrain snowboarders' movements on the slopes. More advanced snowboarders use various binding angles to attack different types of terrain or when playing in terrain parks, but the process requires snowboarders to remove the board and use tools to adjust the binding.

In order to make the process of adjusting bindings easier, this E-Team created the Rota-Ride Snowboard Binding, a rotating front-foot binding that allows a snowboarder to make adjustments while bound into their board, without the use of tools. The Rota-Ride rotates freely on the board, locks in a large number of positions to prevent rotation, and fastens securely. It is similar in weight, size, and flexibility to bindings currently on the market.

This E-Team consisted of four undergraduate engineering students, a business student, and a music student with experience in market analysis. They worked with an engineering professor who was the co-director of the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program.