A place for student entrepreneurs
An entrepreneurship club, or entreclub as we’ll call it throughout this guide, is a group of students who get together to practice and promote entrepreneurship in their communities. These students are driven by their passion for all things entrepreneurial. They also want to explore entrepreneurship as a career option and a lifestyle.

Unity in diversity
Entreclubs exist in many forms, and engage in a diverse range of activities on campuses throughout the US. There are however, some common themes.

  • Most entreclubs involve some collaboration of student, faculty, administration and alumni.
  • Most are designed to educate students about entrepreneurship, provide them with networking opportunities, and aid them in preparing a business plan to enter in a competition.

The diversity of entrepreneurship clubs is a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit that inspires their creation. To be true to this entrepreneurial spirit, we won't dictate the best way to start and run an entreclub. Instead, we will present best practices drawn from a survey of well-know entrepreneurship clubs and from our own experience starting the UMass Five Colleges Entreclub and Business Plan Competition.

The UMass Five Colleges group uses Entreclub as our organizational name. In this manual we’ll use "entreclub" as a generic name for the kind of organization we’re talking about. We hope that our ideas and experiences, and those of our sister organizations around the country, will lead you to define entreclub in a way that best fits the needs of your campus community.

Four entreclub functions
In this manual, we’ll describe an entreclub according to four distinct functions. An entreclub operates as an organization, a network, an educational program, and a sponsoring body for business plan competitions.

First and foremost, an entreclub is an organization of students motivated to practice and promote entrepreneurship. An entreclub is also a network of people and resources from that community who can aid students in their entrepreneurial goals.

An entreclub is a program of co-curricular educational events and activities that help promote entrepreneurship in the community.

Finally, an entreclub sponsors business plan competitions that provide incentive for students to launch their entrepreneurial ventures into the business community.

We’ll explain each of these four functions in further detail in the corresponding sections of the guide.

A work in progress
Keep good records as you form your new entreclub, or revitalize one already started. Let us know how it goes, and how this guide has helped you, as well as what resources would help you further. Your experiences are the real-life substance that will keep this resource vital and useful.

Entrepreneur defined
(from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) Function:noun; Etymology:French, From Old French, entreprendre, to undertake: one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise
en·tre·pre·neur·ial /adjective en·tre·pre·neur·ial·ism /noun
en·tre·pre·neur·ial·ly /adverb
en·tre·pre·neur·ship / noun

What do entreclubs do?
Caltech Entrepreneur Club
"Since April 28, 1994, Caltech's Entrepreneur Club has actively encouraged entrepreneurial activity among all members of the Caltech community. Our priorities include:

  • learning from successful entrepreneurs what entrepreneurship is about. Caltech alumni have started over 400 companies. We invite these founders and other business leaders to share their experiences as well as advice about starting a business
  • creating a network of support for Caltech entrepreneurs, and providing hands-on experience in the entrepreneurial process
  • working at a startup company--potential entrepreneurs learn about the problems and complexities of running a business."


New York University Entrepreneurial Exchange Group (EEG)
"The Entrepreneurial Exchange Group (EEG) narrows the bridge between the study and the practice of entrepreneurship for the students at the New York University. Its marquee program is the Luncheon Series.

The EEG is rolling out three additional programs:

  • a startup internship/recruitment program
  • a co-sponsored speaker series
  • a new information system, brand marketing campaign, and partnership initiative.

As another service to the NYU community, including the alumni, the EEG helps plan, organize and operate the All University Conference on Entrepreneurship. A new committee that will conceive and execute the web development project for the conference.

Vanderbilt University Collegiate Entrepreneurs of the Southeast
Through this organization, students become involved in entrepreneurial activities, and interface with other entrepreneurial groups across the country. Activities include seminars, case studies, speakers, and site visits to selected companies and centers. Source: