NCIIA Student Ambassadors program

What is an NCIIA Student Ambassador?

  • NCIIA Student Ambassadors work to create networks and events that inspire university entrepreneurs; encourage them to become involved in NCIIA programs and activities; and support them to create inventions and innovations that have a social benefit. We believe that to be most effective at catalyzing innovation and entrepreneurship among students on university campuses, we need to work with the people on the ground.


What's new for 2011-12?

  • We learned a lot from our first cohort and have made some improvements to the program, which we hope will make navigating your university system easier.  Students chosen for the 2011-12 cohort will also have the benefit of learning from the experiences and challenges of the 2010-11 Student Ambassadors.

What's in it for me?

  • Valuable experience in marketing, program planning, networking and managing projects. Plus, you'll be recognized as an expert in entrepreneurship on your campus, and you'll be part of a renowned, national program.
  • Money for you: $2,000 for 12-months work, plus the opportunity to win trips to relevant conferences or workshops, like SXSW Interactive, Always On Conference, CEO Conference and/or the NCIIA Annual Conference.

What does the Student Ambassador do? 

Check out the 2011-12 job description:

The NCIIA is looking for energetic, organized and inspiring student leaders to catalyze and promote NCIIA programs and offerings on campuses and within the surrounding communities. 

The ideal candidate will have a passion for organizing and supporting university entrepreneurs (students and faculty interested in bringing their idea or innovation to market) and an active interest and/or experience in entrepreneurship.  This person will also be a master networker and organizer and skilled at working with various groups and constituents including students, faculty, administrators, alumni and local entrepreneurs.  Expertise in utilizing social networking tools and a background in leading student organizations is highly desired.  Undergraduate or graduate students associated with STEM, business, marketing or entrepreneurship programs are encouraged to apply.

You will:

  • Plan, organize, promote and conduct an Invention to Venture, TedX or comparable workshop during the fall semester;
  • Utilize and manage social networking tools and marketing resources to promote NCIIA events, programs, and resources;
  • Work with (or organize) student groups to encourage students to attend and participate in events and programs for university entrepreneurs;
  • Meet with key stakeholders on campus and in the area to learn about and promote resources for university entrepreneurs;
  • Conduct a landscape analysis of the campus and report results to NCIIA and key campus stakeholders;
  • Provide NCIIA Outreach Team a calendar of campus programs, competitions and events related to innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Serve as a liaison between campus administrators and faculty and NCIIA.

Sounds like me! How do I apply?

The application is now open for the 2011-12 cohort.  Deadline is May 31, phone interviews will be conducted in early June and the cohort will be notified at the end of June.  If you are chosen you will be required to attend a mandatory training session at NCIIA headquarters August 3-6.

  Apply today!